Management Beliefs

Quality Policy

Company Vision: To be the first choice of our customer.

Company Mission: To be a supplier to the Automobile, Electronic and Electrical Industry and achieve perfection in whatever we do.

Quality Policy: The Vision to be the first choice of our customer drives us to improve the way we think, change, and act on a continuous basis. We shall measure our performance by our Quality, Delivery, and the Skills of our people. We shall maximize our effectiveness by continuously improving our products, processes, and services based on customer inputs and our internal matrices.

3-F Philosophy

Gilard’s workforce follows the 3-F Philosophy. Gilardians know that whatever work we do has to be done with passion as that is the differentiating factor between ‘work done’ and ‘work done well’. The 3-Fs are - Fikar, Farak and Fakhar which are Urdu words which mean Care about your work, Make a difference and Be proud of your achievement respectively. The 3-F philosophy can be summed up in one sentence as follows: 'If we are passionate about our work, we can make a difference, and then take pride in the results.' .

Ethical Working

Gilard’s policy is to maintain high standards of integrity. As per the Anti-Bribery Policy, neither Gilard nor any of its employees shall offer or accept any payments, gifts, gratuities, favour or thing of value for the purpose of securing any orders or any other favour. Every form of corruption or bribery is forbidden, this is valid for active as well as passive bribery.

Gilard adopts a zero tolerance approach towards bribery and corruption and any violation may attract appropriate disciplinary action against the concerned employees by the company management.We expect our employees to abide by the rules and policies of the company and keep the values intact by working with us in achieving the organisational goals and objectives.

Gilard’s Employment Policy

Gilard is an Equal Opportunity Provider to all with no discrimination of job roles.

The company offers an inclusive work atmosphere which includes Men (45-55%), Women(45-55%) & the Differently-abled (upto 4% of total manpower), with job roles open to all, varying from cleaning the floor in the position of a Sweeper; working on machines or assembling parts as an Operator; putting engineering controls as an Engineer or planning for improvements as a Director, depending upon qualifications/capabilities. A work culture of respect for all with equal pay check, irrelevant of caste, creed, gender, physical disability or sexual preference is ensured.

The personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of every individual are respected at Gilard. Employees shall not indulge in physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.

Environment Policy

Gilard understands the importance of Environmental protection and tries 'not to contribute' to pollution or Environmental degradation. Wherever practicable, we select processes and materials those are non-polluting. In cases where we do not have any alternate, we ensure that there are proper controls in place to treat the process waste, to minimise its impact on Environment. We are fully compliant of all applicable legal and other requirements related to Environment protection.

So high is Environment protection on our list of priorities that we sensitize our Employees and their families in this regard by involving them in various activities specially designed on this subject. We have an Environmental Management System in place which is maintained by the full support of our Employees.

Our Suppliers, Visitors and the immediate Society are also educated, to make them conscious of the importance of Environmental protection.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

We are concerned about health and safety of all our Employees so we provide safe and healthy working conditions to them. This helps in preventing work related injury or ill health. To achieve this we have Occupational Health and Safety(OH&S) Management System in place and we also comply with applicable legal and other requirements related to OH&S hazards.

We identify hazards & areas of risks related to health and safety and work on to eliminate hazards, reduce OH&S risks and plan for emergencies. This also ensures safety of all kinds of Visitors to the company which includes but is not limited to Contract Workers, Contractors, Suppliers, Customers and safety of our immediate Society.

We make our Employees aware of their individual OH&S obligations and work towards improving their awareness to help them to have a better physical, mental, financial and social health. We have created a good work environment for our Employees, a place of work which keeps them in high morale and gives them job satisfaction beyond just monetary benefits.Since continual improvement is in our working culture, we continually keep improving in our OH&S Management performance through participation and consultation of workers.

HR Policy

CSR Policy

EHS Policy

Covid Guidelines

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